DEWALT DWS535 Round Saw Judged the most effective Round Saw

The 7.25-inch is a hypoid saw with the motor mounted behind the blade. This makes for better cutting-line visibility and less risk of kickback. The DeWalt weighs 13 pounds, but that’s considered light for this type of circular saw– and unlike similar worm-drive saws, it requires no oil changes. Experts say the added weight can even be an advantage when sawing sheet stock on a horizontal surface. Reviewers praise this saw’s performance, balance, durability and convenient rafter hook. It comes with a three-year warranty, plus a 90-day “no questions asked” return option. Unless you need to saw a lot of concrete or frame houses, however, reviews recommend the lighter Milwaukee 6394-21 (*est. $160) as the best corded circular saw for most users.

DeWALT Wormdrive Circular Saw DWS535

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